We all find life difficult at times and look for support when reaching to achieve a solution.
As a hypnotherapist and counsellor, based in Plymouth, I help clients from all over Devon address a huge variety of life-inhibiting issues. Taking some time-out to explore your thoughts and feelings, and with today’s brief strategic approaches, it is possible for you to regain control quickly and effectively.

Could hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy is effective in breaking old undesirable habits, like smoking, weight gain, drug addiction or excessive drinking, replacing them with positive behaviours.

Hypnotherapy can be used to increase positive states of mind; increase confidence, address depression and raise your overall level of happiness and enjoyment of life.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to enhance your success in business, sport, love and almost any field you can think of. The possibilities of hypnosis are endless and the results amazing.

Hypnosis is the method that helps your unconscious mind make positive changes to your behaviours and habits quickly and easily, changing your thought patterns and feelings for so many issues.

Furthermore many people report improvements in length and quality of sleep, relief of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Phobias / fears

Phobias / Fears

Give yourself permission to move past your fears and live the life you want

Habits / addictions

Habits / Addictions

Take back control over how you spend your time and feel great about being you



For the most confident and self-assured version of you



Don’t let the past control your present and future

What to expect

Although there are different techniques, clinical hypnotherapy is generally performed in a calm, therapeutic environment. The therapist will guide you into a relaxed, focused state and ask you to think about experiences and situations in positive ways that can help you change the way you think and behave. Unlike some dramatic portrayals of hypnosis in movies, books, or on stage, you will not be unconscious, asleep, or in any way out of control of yourself. You will hear the therapist’s suggestions, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to act on them.

The initial session

I make no charge for the first session, where in confidence we can discuss the issue that you would like to address and the best way forward for you. This appointment is usual 30 minutes long & as there are so many modern brief strategic interventions which might be used to help you, I believe this session vitally important in finding the correct approach for you. Click here to book your initial consultation.

My approach 

I use an integrative approach to therapy, which means that my work is informed by more than one approach and that no one approach is held above the others. Approaches used are Ericksonian, Solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centred, Gestalt, Neuroliguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Timeline and EMDR Plus. Get in touch to ask a question and discuss the options for you.